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Hi Ya'll!! Come on in and hang yer coat up on the rack...(oops!! I don't have a rack...Hey Paul,we gotta have a coat rack!! And tell those blasted cowpokes to stop scarin' Nickster!! It's ok Nickster Buddy, daddy will take care of them. Well, while he's gone to the yard sale for the rack I'll just hang your coat and hat in the closet... Have a seat, prop yer feet up and stay a while!! I hope you enjoy the fun and interesting sites on this page...

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We have just UPDATED our Midi collection with over 150 midis for everyone to enjoy. Paul's first Midi " I Love The Way You Love Me " was made especially for me. So come on in and visit our Midi collection!

Our Midi Collection

If you like really great midi's, here are some of the sites that I think are cool..

Midi.com-The Ultimate Resources on the Internet

Top 25 Midi Sites

Learn The Steps!!!Check These Links!!!

Here is our collection of Country Dance Steps . Also some links to steps.

The Information Super Dance Floor

Janet's Country Western Dance Hall

I hope you get as much enjoyment out of this page as I have in making it... If you have any suggestions that you would like included, please e-mail me....I'll be very happy to take suggestions..... Many, many thanks to those "kewl" people with whom I have begged and "borrowed" gifs and links from...There will be more cool stuff coming, so check back soon to see the changes! And thanks for stoppin' in! Oh, before I forget, here's yer coat and hat. Take care now, and come back now...ya hear!

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If you would like to visit my Christmas site, Please click on Pooh

Want to read a wonderful story about Christmas that will put the stars back in your children's eyes?
Olive, the Orphan Reindeer
Click on Olive
By:Michael Christie

I give this story a rating of 5 because of it's magical content.


Clicking on the photograph will bring up the Alert Page with more information, and the ability to print posters. Clicking on the Yellow Marquee Message will connect to the NCMEC home page.



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